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Digital Ideation Studio is a course conducted by Prof. HyukJae Henry Yoo at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York that provides the practical training of an all-encompassing suite of creative and ideation methods to maximize the creative potential of the students who seek to contribute as influential practitioners in the increasingly connected world.


The variety of topics along with corresponding software applications training covered in the course include but are not limited to: Freeform Digital Sculpting & Modeling, CAD 3D Modeling, Designing & Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing, Rendering, 3D Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, Animation, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, UI/UX Design, Computational Design, and more. The students who aspire to make a significant contribution to the world that is increasingly influenced by the digital technology and environment will be well-served by this course with the essential foundation and a highly empowering body of knowledge. The course is not a mere survey, but is a hands-on practical training which results in readily usable skills which enable the students to hit the ground running from day one. Successful completion of the course will provide the student with the certified working knowledge and skills to deem oneself as being on the path to becoming a Digital Polymath.

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